Monday, May 31, 2010


Here's another in progress piece, a fancy vampire lady on Stefan from Germany, who was raised in Transylvania.
For reals.

To be continued in August...

We're going to the States in a few days.
And there's water damage in the kitchen.
Our timing is great, as always!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I did it, i conquered the storage rooms!

These were the last two rooms of the shop that still had "construction" written all over them, but now they're finally ready to be used for something other than storing tools, paint and yellow dust.
Maybe in the future this will be a screen printing room?
For now there's still a bunch of stuff in there that we have nowhere else to put, but it looks a hell of a lot better than before.*

It's taken me days, a lot longer than expected, but i finally sorted through everything, threw out a bunch of stuff, and organized and cleaned the rest
The Star Wars toys got their own corner
And the decks finally have a home too

The chandelier on the floor is going in the front room, by the way.
Pretty, right?

*There are no pictures of the second storage room, because *someone* hasn't put up any lights in there yet.
But i swear i cleaned that room too!

Dragon Tattoos For Men Design

sketches dragon tattoos for men
lower back dragon tattoos for men
lower back tattoos for men
Dragon Tattoos For Men
Tattoos for men ussually very extreme, for example is a dragon tattoos above, this design for men. if you a man you can make this design in your body. may be many woman will like with you :)

Tatto Lettering Tribal Design

tribal tatto lettering
tatto lettering design
Tattoo Lettering Design For Ideas
Tattoos is good design if the people like the art design. some people willing make the art their design just for hobby , how about you ??? the tattoo lettering above may be will make you like a tattoos design.

Lady bird

Allan has been working on some really fun projects lately, but since they're all pretty big, it'll be a while before we see the finished results.
So for now you'll have to settle for some in progress pictures.
It's better than no tattoo pictures at all, right?

Here's our homegirl Anne, getting comfortable in the rather cold shop (i swear, it's like friggin November here at the moment...)
Fancy bird lady has some fancy leg chains
Another very late night at the office...
Very much in progress as Allan still needs to add flowers, so i'm afraid Anne hasn't seen the last of the liners yet

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Photography by : Mumtaz Maricar
Digital Enhancement : Diamond Fangs

Monday, May 24, 2010

Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo Art - How you can get the perfect one for

If you do not know, make a flower tattoo art, closely related to have an attractive Flower Tattooflower pattern. In fact, some body work done by the placement of signs on the choice depends on the tattoo design. But do not look stylish and trendy designs for tattoos can tell you an amazing tattoo art with flowers, but at the same time, will be more meaningful. Here you need to know about getting one are a few other things:

Full body tattoo designs as you wear your pride will see first, a handsome pattern. In addition, there are points on the deep meaning, or design you have picked a personal story Flower Tattoobehind the check. That way, people like you flowers you choose a beautiful design, why, then, the deeper meaning will certainly give the body art has a story, or stories.

Also, you can also type in what shape you want to be painted on your body make sure you can see. If you are a woman, you sign your local tattoo artist has a little something to be considered should be directed to the construction of lighter and smaller than a human. You should happen to be a member of the male population, then you consider a tattoo design, Flower Tattooflower tattoo, even if the body is short, you're right you will not decrease your sex have to find a flower tattoo art sure, but improve even more men.

You are a woman in search of art, flower tattoo is really good on the other hand, give you the right to tattoo a tattoo the size of your design, color, from the smallest details and ask me if you want, and some others. A flower tattoo design is really symbolic of the true spirit and moral person, and most importantly, it also put a flower tattoo design has a feminine side after. Local tattoo artists, tattoo or ink marks the end you begin to draw the design of your choice but Flower Tattoowhen you have completed all the details, so, since she already knows what you want may be difficult for both of you.

You explain the meaning of religion and flowers tattoo design if you prefer to also represent the religious practices and beliefs, your tattoo design on the petals of the three pieces is recommended to choose the way so. The actual design of the Trinity stands tattoo art was considered a symbol of the Virgin Mary the color. By Russell

We need more ladies to be Inked !! So what ya waiting for ladies? Email us now and be part of our project....

Fun never stops !!

Photography by : Mumtaz Maricar
Digital Enhancement : Diamond Fangs

Sunday, May 23, 2010

lower back tattoos for girls-tatoo flash | sexy tattoo

Temporary Tattoos Sexy Lower Back Variety Pack, 36 Tattoos (Pack of 2)Temporary Tattoos are premium quality and made in the USA. These Tattoos apply to faster and easier than any other brand (just 10 seconds). They look totally realistic on the skin?just like a real tattoo! 100% waterproof , even while swimming and bathing

sexy tattoo

See Price: Temporary Tattoos Sexy Lower Back

• New Jumbo variety Pack includes tons of Tattoos!
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• Easy to remove with household rubbing alcohol
• Will apply to any surface-clothing, shoes,toys,wndows,walls,etc.

Angelina Jolie tattoos | tattoos women

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos Pictures
Angelina Jolie has the phrase "know your rights" tattooed just below the base of her neck.

The tattoo has become more and more popular these days, a lot people around me are got gorgeous tattoos! From tribal to star, from butterfly to dragon, really cool! Of course, a lot celebrities are get tattoos. Today we talking about Angelina Jolie's tattoos.

Angelina Jolie is an American actress and Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency. She has received three Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an Academy Award.I love Angelina very much.

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos Pictures
Angelina's back tattoos has been edited and added to almost as much as her arms, if not moreso. She used to wear the Japanese kanji that translated to "death" on her left shoulder, but that tattoo was covered over with an elaborate Buddhist prayer of protection. It is a Sanskrit blessing in the Cambodian language, and she has said it is to honor her first adopted son Maddox.
Angelina Jolie's Tattoos Pictures
Angelina Jolie's Tattoos Pictures

Her lower back is the area that has been added to the most. Originally she had two tiny tribal-style designs on either side of her spine and a small dragon. However on a trip to Thailand, she had that work topped by a large tiger design.Angelina Jolie's Tattoos Pictures

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Thursday was a weird day at the shop.
A good day, but very long and weird.
We had a bunch of clients and a bunch of people who dropped by, it was almost like a real tattoo shop, and i guess that the sudden rush of people was a bit overwhelming because we've been alone down here for so long.
But we did get stuff done; Allan did three tattoos on three friends, and i put up a bunch of shelves for our toy collection in the (current) storage room.
Now, you may think that it's a strange place to put all of our pretty toys, and in a way it is.
But somehow we accidentally built a grown up shop (it wasn't on purpose, i swear) and the toys just didn't fit in anywhere.
So i figured, the storage room won't be a storage room forever, so they got their own wall in there, and by some amazing coincidence, they all fit (but just barely!)
And i think putting them all in one place looks kinda cool too!

Our rather impressive collection of delicious junk
The rest of the room still looks like hell, but once all the painting work is finished, i'll clean this up in no time

Ps. We couldn't get good pictures of the tattoos, so you'll just have to trust me when i say they where nice!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Body Painting - Canada Flag on breasts

Body painting of a Canada flag on a women bared breasts.

Body Painting - Canada Flag on breasts

Recommended reading:
* Body Painting - World Cup Flags
* Body art flags - Japan & Sweden
* Body art flags - United Kingdom

Body Painting - Beach wear

A nude woman with beach wear body painting.

beach wear

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* Body Painting - Lingerie
Body Painting - Chinese Cheong-sam
Body Painting - Bridal Corset


Morten-the-carpenter got tattooed on monday.
He wanted a traditional indian girl, based on some flash made by some sailor named... Joey? Jimmy? No, Jerry! Maybe you've heard of him?
Apparently he's kind of a big deal.

It's very unlike Allan to stay this close to the flash, but i think he does super traditional really well
After a few hours, Morten wasn't having so much fun anymore...
... but he made it, and got himself this fine looking lady!

Amazing Wooden Cutting Art

Download Free Wallpapers of Amazing Wooden Cutting Art.
Amazing Wooden Cutting Art
Amazing Wooden Cutting Art

Jessica Gomes Body Painting Pictures

Jessica Gomes Body Painting Pictures. Download for free to set as Desktop or Laptop Wallpapers. This is really very sexy wallpaper of Jessica Gomes.

Jessica Gomes Body Painting Pictures

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Japanese Tattoo

Women Japanese Tattoo Designs

In recent years Japan has been the resurrection of the tattoo. Such as the revival Japanese Tattooof Japanese tattoo art can be very beautiful, you can understand. Some things can be tracked back thousands of years! Nowadays, they are popular in both sexes. Japanese tattoo design you are interested in women, is here to help you with your choice are several.

Understanding the history of

Tattooing in Japan is the traditional date back several centuries. For centuries, most of the people, art, most people have not received. Although the ancient Japanese tattoo are usually associated with criminals. Even some brands are associated withJapanese Tattoo criminals. Yakuza branding of the time (3 patients) were kept. Gang tattoos on their chosen lifestyle will be displayed.

As the art in recent decades, the organization has not been associated with many of Japan's young people are getting tattoos more mainstream. This is your art, or Japan, and the broad trends that will be sort of, in Europe and North America spread to. Now, many people of all ages, women in Japan has begun the design of the tattoo.

Designed for Women

Here are some good looking women are the most popular designs. There are many women tend to prefer a particular image, but you of course you are free to choose the design you want.

cherry tree japanese tattooIt's a cherry tree

Perhaps the most popular flower in Japan, cherry blossoms, respect for the beauty and the food. They are how fragile life can be beautiful and symbolize. Even the cherry blossom samurai honor, write a poem about flowers. Nowadays, many women may choose to get tattoos cherry. Just find a picture of flowers and you'll understand why they are respected!

Geisha Tattoo Japanese Geisha Tattoo

Both men and women of his Japanese tattoo geisha designs are included. They are mere "pineopboda" model, they have a very liberal traditions of Japanese culture, training, and women are noble. They have a beautiful very talented. They sing, dance, play musical instruments, complete with tea to follow, the teachings and general hosting. By Terry Daniels

Monday, May 17, 2010

That's one wacky kimono....

Finally, it's tattoo time!
Ok, only one tattoo, but at least it's a big one.
On Friday Sanna came across the bridge for another session on her back piece.
It wasn't the last session, as some people may have thought or hoped it would be, but it's so close now.
Just a bit more kimono and fan action, and that's it.

Kimono pattern done
Allan went nuts with tiny Kyōsai monsters
Frogman is my personal favorite
This guy is cool too
Monsters here, there and everywhere
So pretty and colorful, i can't wait to see this one finished!