Friday, July 31, 2009

Body Paintings - Dreaming

In this body paintings, the naked boobs was used as a dream cloud.


Pears Soaps Transparent | Pears Soaps Posters

Pears transparent soap is a brand of soap first produced and sold in 1789 by Andrew Pears at a factory just off Oxford Street in London, England. It was the world's first transparent soap. Pears Soaps are a natural way to get smart and healthy looking skin. Pears Soaps have high quality ingredients, glycerin and natural oils.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Say chees-u!

It's been too long since anything has happened on this blog, sorry about that.
But the shop has been busy and when the shop is busy, so are we!
And we do have our own blogs to update as well... you understand, right?

Here are some pictures from last friday at the shop.
Like i said, it had been a busy week (not regular-shop busy i guess, but Conspiracy-busy, nonetheless) with a guest artist and lots of clients and visitors.
Friday we had cake and took some shop photos.
It was Eckels idea, and a good one too.
For some reason we never think of doing that ourselves.

It's important to stretch before taking a good group photo
And, if you're Allan, it's also important to make your already huge hair extra fluffy
From left to right: Allan, Eckel, Eric, Lucifer and me, and the photographer is Christel
This one is actually kind of good
Allan did this one on Eric
Eckel did this on Christel (picture is a little yellow, but i'll get a healed photo as soon as it's, uhm, healed)
And this on Marisa earlier in the day

Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm actually on vacation, so i shouldn't even be here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Salwar Kameez | Online Salwar Kameez Wallpapers

Online Salwar Kameez WallpapersSalwar kameez which also been called as shalwar qamwwz. This is traditional dress mostly been wear by Men in marriage function. Girls and Womens can also wear this dress. This is very common dress in Asia. Especially in India and Pakistan.

Here i have posted some pictures of Salwar Kameez.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friendship Day Cards | Happy Friendship Day Cards

Friendship Day Cards | If You love your friends and cares for them, send them nice friendship day cards and show how much you love and care for them

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Friend Ship Day | Friend Ship Day Greetings | Friend Ship Day Wallpapers

Friendship Day Wallpaper - Nice Collection of Friendship Day wallpapers for Laptop and Desktop Computers. Celebrate Friendship Day with sharing Friend Day Wallpapers to your friends.

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Sony Ericsson | Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers

Sony Ericsson | Leading Mobile Company. Sony Ericsson has just launched new Mobile Phine W350. Looks very cool. Having nice features. I have posted some wallpapers of Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers.

Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snow Landscape Wallpapers | Waterfall Landscape Wallpapers | Download Free

Download Landscape Wallpapers FreeDownload Lates Wallpapers. All Wallpapers are Free For All. Download free landscape wallpapers, landscape desktop wallpaper, 3d landscape wallpapers. Get Latest Snow Landscape and Waterfall Landscape Wallpapers.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pulsar 220cc Bikes | Pulsar Bikes Wallpapers - Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar 220cc Bikes Wallpapers

Catch All Latest Wallpapers of Bikes, Bajaj Bikes. Bajaj The leading Two Wheeler Bikes Company in India. Introduced 220CC Bike names Pulsar 220 CC DTSI. I have posted some of nice photos of Bajaj Pulsar 220CC DTSI Bikes.

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Sexy Star Tattoos for Girls

Tattoo designs and Tattoo is Tattoos more type of tattoo like Tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, tattoo designs, cross tattoos, flower tattoos, lower back tattoos, butterfly tattoos, sun tattoos, star tattoo

same sample of sexy and cool Star tattoos design
shooting star tattoo 2 Shooting Star Tattoosshooting star tattoo 1 Shooting Star Tattoos
Shooting star tattoos are one of the most popular with women and girls, especially women and girls that are seeking their first tattoo. Are you seeking a popular tattoo that can be customized, even though it remains one of the most popular? Perhaps a shooting star, or cluster of star tattoos is right for you.

There are many places on the body that the shooting star tattoo can be placed. These include, on the ankle, foot, leg, arms and even sides. There are many women that choose to have shooting star tattoos completed on their torso all the way up the side and even onto the neck. These versatile tattoos can be used throughout the body and are one of the most versatile tattoo choices for women.

Red and Black Nautical Star

This tattoo picture was submitted by Patrick Mergner.

When choosing this type of popular tattoo it is important to customize the ink to ensure that the design is creative, because the tattoos are so popular.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Indian Saree | Indian Girls in Saree | Indian Wedding Sarees

Saree is cultural dress of India. An Indian woman wears saree after their marriage. Indian saree is very famous in all over the world and when any non Indian sees Indian saree, says hot Indian saree. I have collected nice photos of Indian wedding sarees. Watch Indian saree blouse collection here.

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