Friday, April 30, 2010

Female Tattoo Gallery

The most popular tattoo designs for women include butterfly tattoos, tribal tattoos, star tattoos, flower tattoos and fairy tattoos. The most popular tattoo spots for girls and woman are the lower back, wrists and feet. Old school tattoos are in vogue at the moment as well.

Female Tattoo Gallery

Female Fairy Tattoo

Female Tattoos

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Allan got to tattoo Hata a few days ago, and if you know Hata you'll know that this is something that doesn't happen too often.
In fact, Allan hadn't tattooed him since our first trip to Japan back in 2004.
Pretty big deal!
But a small tattoo, so despite a bunch of whining and complaining, he survived.

Beached whale position
Rei is impressed (maybe!?)
The final result: ED-209

And while we're on the subject of ├╝ber-nerds, our friend Chrystal finally got her other foot done, so Chewie won't be lonely anymore.*

Chrystal in her glorious Kappa hat

*Don't go all canon on us, in our happy little parallel universe they're friends and that's the end of it.

Tiger Tribal Tattoo

Cool Tribal Tattoo ideas for Men

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Cool Tribal Tattoo ideas for Men

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bird Tattoo Designs

Bird tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo designs of the Western world. Thanks to the old school revival, they are in vogue again. Most popular are swallow tattoos, followed by phoenix tattoos.

swallow tattoo

Black Dragon Phoenix Tattoo

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Dragon Phoenix Tattoo

Why Tribal Tattoos?

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Natural Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos
are extremely popular and can add a distinct 'je ne sais quoi' to a person's character. The real beauty of tribal tattoos is that they don't have to be loud and obnoxious useless you want them to be, but rather subtle and stylish. It is a style that typically capitalizes on solid black lines and coloring (with some exceptions of course) and it is also composed of pointed and curved elements. It's bold and eye catching. In short, it's a pretty wicked looking style!

Tribal Tattoo, tattoo ideas

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Tribal arm Tattoo ideas

Tribal tattoos, as the name implies, originated among Native American tribes and date back to over 5,000 years. Perhaps they are so prevalent among fraternity brothers due to the fact that the tattoos were originally applied to show loyalty to a particular tribe in native lands.

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Tribal Tattoo, tattoo ideas

Tattoos were also used to display a person's caste status, wealth, role in the tribe, even to document his brave deeds or societal contributions. They also served a purpose when it came to traveling, tribal tattoos clearly identified a stranger as belonging to a neighboring sect and detailed what rank he held.

Later on, tattoos were used to create scenes on the body depicting battles the tribe member took place in. They were also used as memorials for loved ones who had passed away, their memory honored in the form of a soaring eagle.

Tattoos were certainly not limited to Native Americans, however. The Yokuts of California used body modification to call attention to the location of a person's supernatural power; the indigenous tribes of New Zealand, Africa, Central America and Hawaii also practiced the art of tattooing.

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

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When you are looking at black tribal dragon tattoos, make sure that you find a design that really speaks to you. In your mind, what is your dragon tattoo doing? Black tribal dragon tattoos are wonderful choices for any tattoo fan, so take a look at the tattoo art designs that are available and find the one that suits you the best!

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Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Butterfly tattoos Gallery

Butterfly tattoos are very popular amongst women and they come in all shapes, sizes and a wide range of colors. The most popular places for a butterfly tattoo are the upper arm and lower back.
Butterfly tattoos for girls

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tribal Tattoo Gallery

Tribal tattoo designs are getting more and more popular these days, and it's not hard to see why. Popular designs are the tribal dragon, rose, crosses, the tribal sun, tiger, angel wings and the tribal bird.

Ankle tattoos - Amazing design Ankle Tattoos for girls

flower ankle tattoos
simple ankle tattoos design
ankle tattoos for girlsAnkle tattoos is good ideas for the girls. the tattoos will make the girls very pretty and amazing to see. how about you ?? you have a ankle tattoos ???

Best Butterfly Tribal Tattoo

Best Butterfly Tribal Tattoo on back girls body

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ta dah!

Sorry, i haven't forgotten about this blog, it's just that all the tattoo stuff seems to get posted over here.
So that leaves me and this blog with... a foot.
A rose on a foot.
Hope you like it, i really had to fight Allan for it!

Done at Inkrat sometime in April

So, we're (obviously) still in Japan.
We're trying to have a bit of a vacation, and for me that means not answering emails in a timely manner.
Bear with me, i need the time off.
Also, we're not taking any bookings at the moment anyway, so if it's not urgent, it'll just have to wait.
Everything will be back to normal (whatever that means) in the beginning of May.

Also, we have changed the date of the official opening party yet again.
It seems that me and Allan are the only two people at the shop in May, so it'd be a little silly to have the party then.
So, after much consideration, we decided to move the opening until July, when the whole gang is (hopefully) in Copenhagen at the same time.
The date should be announced soon, and you, dear readers, will be the first to know!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Foot Tattoos

Finding the Right Foot Tattoos For You

Tattoos are not for men alone. Currently, the girl's foot tattoos designs are also becoming more and more popular. Foot TattoosThis leg must be one of the most unique place where you can sport a tattoo. As with any other tattoo though, getting a foot tattoos is a big decision. Here are some important points you should know about foot tattoos.

Benefits of a Foot Tattoo

People may have different reasons for getting tattooed legs. You may still confident though about the feasibility of getting a tattoo the feet. Why do feet to the right place for a tattoo? One of the main reasons for this are that they are not as common as lower back and arm tattoos for women. Although foot tattoos are gradually becoming popular, they are still relatively rare. Getting a foot tattoo will make you feel more unique than other tattooed individuals.

Foot TattoosFoot tattoos are also less obvious compared to tattoos on other areas. This is important for some people who want to keep secret their tattoos. You may wish for example to have a tattoo of something significant, but do not want to flash directly to the whole world to see. A foot tattoos would therefore perfect. You can have a small design that you can show or hide at your own discretion.

Girl's Foot Tattoo Disadvantages

Some tattoo artists do not do foot tattoos. This is because there will be some peg leg for tattoos. It's also likely why his legs are not as popular as other tattoo sites. One major concern is that the ink on foot tattoos tends to spread, disseminate or Foot Tattoosblur faster than those on other tattoos. You may have to get you back tattoo ink more often than other tattoos.

Tattoo on foot are also generally more painful. This is because the leg meat is being close to capillaries and bones. Unless you have not seen yet, most tattoos are located in areas with lots of meat. It reduces pain during the tattoo process. Tattoo leg pain can actually exceed the actual process. This should not be a surprise to you if you feel uncomfortable while using your legs.

You also have to consider about your recovery and activities after getting a tattoo on the foot. This can create more than two weeks to tattoo leg to heal. In the span of time, the tattoo must remain dry and clean. You should also avoid getting your tattoo rubbed. It is very difficult to do with tattoos foot. You may have to spend all my time away from closed shoes.


These are just some of the unique challenges of getting a tattoo the feet. Foot TattoosYou still want to get one. If you are really bent on it then the best thing you can do is find an experienced tattoo artist. Remember that not everyone is tattooed legs. Therefore you must choose one who knows how to do it correctly and with the least possible pain. You can also satisfied with a smaller design. It would be ideal for feminine feet. You also have to cope with less pain and blurred.

A girl foot tattoos can be an entirely different experience even for the avid tattoo fan. You must make sure though that you are truly willing and ready to meet the unique concerns foot tattoos. By Reese Lanter

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Immortal Tattoos - 2011 Calendar Girls

Immortal Tattoos is Looking for 12 Hot Ladies who wanna be inked and featured in our own 2011 CALENDAR !!

Models will be tattooed @ NO COST by Immortal Tattoos, Singapore - Worth $800-$1200

Minimum of at least 30-45cm in length of tattoo.

Tattoo is of Model's own choice but with mixture of the Artist's flavour

Cash Prize of $150 is given to 3 top voted model and,
Cash Prize of $300 is given to one who will be, Immortal Tattoos Model of 2011 !!

If you are interested - EMAIL your particulars and few pictures of yourself to - or to

Why wait?


Click to join our event page - Immortal Tattoos - 2011 Calendar Girls Search

Ladies who have any questions do add Ms Kim on MSN -

tribal rings tattoos

tribal rings tattoos designtribal rings tattoos designtribal rings tattoos design

Thursday, April 15, 2010

tatuaggi schiena - Tribal Lower back tattoos

tatuaggi schiena - Tribal Lower back tattoosAmazing tatuaggi schiene

flowero tatuaggi schienatatuaggi schiene lower back girls
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tatuaggi lettere - tattoos Fof Girls

hand tatuaggi lettereTatuaggi Lettere hand ideas

tatuaggi lettere - tattoos Fof Girls japanTatuaggi Leettere Japan
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Extreme Tatuaggio - Tribal Tattoos

Extreme Tatuaggiolower back hakuto Tatuaggio

Extreme Tatuaggio - Tribal TattoosHand Tatuaggio tribal
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